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FOG News

FOG Black 17U Men win gold medal and National Championship banner at 2019 Volleyball Nationals in Toronto, ON on May 9-14, 2019.

Congratulations to U15 FOG boys Jack Semonis and Spencer Foxcroft for winning the 2019 Junior High Provincial Beach Championship.


Coach Philosophy

Pass along his passion for volleyball in the way he was inspired by his worthy coaches. Tirelessly, work with each athlete in support of enhancing her mental, physical and technical qualities that she can be ready to serve her team, with excellence. Create an enjoyable environment where the girls can foster new friendships, acquire lifelong teamwork skills and consolidate their love for the sport.

NCCP Certification:

Level 1: Development Coach – Trained
Level 2: Advanced Development Coach - In Training


FOG Ignite 13U Women’s head coach 2015-2016.


Major School Championships (Brazil): 1986: Bronze, 1987-89: Gold, 1990: Silver.
Major Club Championships (Brazil): 1988-89: Gold.
National Competitions (Brazil): 1989: Team Honours Award. 
Selected for Team Sergipe (State of Brazil) in 1989.
Selected for Team Paraiba (State of Brazil) in 1990.