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FOG News

FOG Black 17U Men win gold medal and National Championship banner at 2019 Volleyball Nationals in Toronto, ON on May 9-14, 2019.

Congratulations to U15 FOG boys Jack Semonis and Spencer Foxcroft for winning the 2019 Junior High Provincial Beach Championship.

Program Description

Selection Process: The open tryout is 8am-10am December 2 2018.  Players identified will be invited to the final tryout Monday Dec 3 4:30-6:30pm.  Official offers will be presented to players at the end of Monday night.  In some cases players may be provided an official offer after the Open Tryout.  There will be a last chance tryout for players Sunday December 9th8 am-10am if spots are remaining.

Team composition:  The FOG U13 teams practice together however will be focused on two age classes.  Players born Sept 1 to Dec 31 2005 and players born from Jan 1 to August 30 2006 and younger.  Younger players who excel can be offered a spot with the older age group.

Program: The FOG U13 program is focused on Learning to Train (LTAD).  Development of basic skills and Sr. level tactics is the focus.  FOG is pleased to partner with Ei Athlete and Canada Plays for both mental training as well as functional development.  In addition, our teams practice 3 sessions per week. 

Competition: FOG U13 teams will play in the Go League plus all Premiers and Provincials. In addition, both teams will be entered into the Canuck Stuff Season Finally at the Volleydome.

Post Season Play: Interested players can register and play in the 2019 U14 National Championships hosted in Edmonton.  

Costs: The Club dues will be $1300 and include all Registration and Entry fees for competitions held in Alberta.  In addition, some apparel and all costs related to Ei Athlete and Canada Plays are included.  

NOTE: Travel expenses, post season play and optional team gear are not included in the entry fee. 


Head Coach: Michael Perra

Assistant Coach: Wes Henschel, Damon Clayton