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FOG Coaching Staff

FOG has 22-25 youth teams every club season and strives to have a team at each age group.  With that, FOG has many high calibre and talented coaches with a wealth of knowledge and passion for the game.  We don't just develop athletes but coaches, too.  

The coaching staff is displayed under the FOG Men and Women pages.

Please take a minute to look over the impressive Bios of the 2020-21 FOG Coaching Staff.  


With so many teams, we are always on the lookout for coaches to develop, mentor and coach any one of our teams.  If you are interested in coaching please contact George Tokarsky at

Men's Team

FOG Contacts

Team Age Head Coach    
Black U18 Hakan Ozdemir 780.297.5937
U17 Coordinator Ollie Semonis 780.907.8007
Black U17 Ollie Semonis 780.907.8007
Red U17 Gallen Donaghy
Black U16 Marcus Ernewein 780.270.1186
Red U16 Nigel Stock 780.910.7943
Black U15 Wes Henschel 587.785.2561
Red U15 Jennifer Skinner
Black U14 Clayton Miles
Red U14 Karim Makhani 780.486.5768
Red U14 Mark Zachary 587.585.5059
White U14 Greg Voigt
Black U13 Mike Steele 780.499.2980
David Desmeules

2020-21 FOG Men's Coaching Staff

Check out the FOG men's team coaches for the 2020-21 club season

Women's Team

FOG Contacts

Team Age Head Coach    
Black U18 Delcy Rolheiser 780.887.1707
Red U18 Wes Henschel 587.785.2561
Black U17 Greg Moscaluk 780.717.3889
Phantom U17 Neil Muz 780.668.7846
Black U16 John Diduch 780.918.0937
Force U16 Teri Roland 780.909.3481
White U16 Paul Dobrotvorskyy 780.695.6343
Black U15 Serena Svidal
Red U15 Shyanna Bedeau 780.243.0043

U14 Coordinator

Brendon Cameron 780.966.1424
  U14 Grace Gilroy    
  U13 Jennifer Skinner


2020-21 FOG Women's Coaching Staff

Check out the FOG women's team coaches for the 2020-21 club season.