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KidSport Edmonton Funding Grant

By AW, 07/30/23, 2:00PM MDT


KidSport provides grant funding for children 18 and under to participate in a sport. 

KidSport works to fulfill its mission of eliminating financial barriers to sport participation, ‘So ALL Kids Can Play’!

For more information, please visit

Who is eligible to receive KidSport grant funding? 
  • KidSport considers the social and economic barriers facing the family when determining eligibility including familieswho face financial hardship, on AISH, unemployed, or receiving income support through provincial government. 
  • The family must live within the City of Edmonton, have kid(s) registered in a sport program, and the kid(s) must be 18years and younger.
What does KidSport grant funding cover? 
  • Qualified applicants can receive up to $350* max per kid, per year. Exception: higher amounts are available for Season &Competition based ice hockey programs including elite, recreation, pond, shinny, school programs, para hockey and hockeybased learn to skate programs.
  • Sport registration fees for all levels of sport including introduction/recreation to elite, team & individual sport, school sport, sportcamps & parasport programs. 
  • A sport program must be at least 4 weeks in length unless it’s a camp then 4 days minimum (consecutive or not). 
  • A sport program must be led by a qualified instructor, have a start and end date, consist of 80% sport and be one of the manysports KidSport Edmonton supports (to see the full list of sports, please visit the website). 
  • If the child needs equipment, once approved for KidSport, a referral to a partner agency is provided. 
  • Grant funding is strictly used for sport registration fees only; travel to competitions is not eligible for funding. 
  • When is the deadline to apply? 
  • Submit your application as soon as your child is registered or is currently active in the program. 
  • Sport programs that have ended are not eligible for funding.
How to Apply:
  1. Find a sport program for your kid(s) and register her/him/them 
  2. Once registered, apply online or use the paper application form 
  3. Complete all sections of the application including supporting pieces (financial documents & registration receipt) 
  4. Notify the sport organization that you are requesting funds from KidSport 
  5. Once approved, KidSport will send your grant funding to the sport club and then the sport club will reimburse you 
  6. IF KidSport Edmonton is not your local chapter, visit or call 1-888-914-5437

KidSport Grant Application (Online version)

As of August 1 2023, KidSport Edmonton provides funding grants of up to $350 per eligible kid, per year (January 1st - December 31st). Special Notes: higher amounts available for Season and Competition based ice hockey programs including elite, recreation, pond, shinny, school programs and para hockey.